It is difficult to predict the continuity of Simone and Simaria after public fights

Since the audio of an argument between Simone and Simaria in the "Programa do Ratinho" was leaked by the website "TV Pop"

After the promise of a statement made by the duo Simone and Simaria on social media, fans of the sisters speculated if they would separate their careers.

Fans speculate on social media about a possible separation since an audio leaked with a discussion of the duo during the recording of "Programa do Ratinho", in early May

Simaria told Instagram followers that they made up soon after and that it was all a disagreement between the sisters.

In the live video, they embody the characters from the song, sitting opposite each other.

The ending with an attempt to slap surprised the audience, who were perplexed by the twist in the song's lyrics

Already on YouTube, the clip, which has been available for a month, has already had more than 25 million views