Cheat waves California  Today 2022 :-  According to the report of the Meteorological Department

 it has come to the fore that temperatures are expected to be above 100 degrees throughout Southern California this week

because this area is already hot due to the heat caused by wildfires,

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 People and people of the state are preparing for this summer season in their own way.

While much of the country has suffered extreme heat waves this summer, 

California has in large part been spared. But that reprieve is over.

From today ie 31 August 2022 until Labor Day, most parts of Central and Southern California are expected to be scorched by heat.

Temperatures up to 115 degrees in the Inland Empire The temperature in San Fernando Valley and San Joaquin Valley can go up to 112 degrees.

A long, intense wave of extreme heat is expected next week that is knocking over much of the western United States.

The region should anticipate "a prolonged and possibly record breaking heat wave," with little relief overnight,

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