The truth of #RashmikaMandanna’s Deepfake video? On this Rashmika said this.

#RashmikaMandanna:- Recently a video is going viral in which it is being shown that #RashmikaMandanna is coming out of the lift wearing a black colored single piece in which the girl was wearing such a dress in which the upper part of the girl is visible.

The truth of #RashmikaMandanna's Deepfake video On this Rashmika said this.
The truth of #RashmikaMandanna’s Deepfake video On this Rashmika said this.

The truth of #RashmikaMandanna’s Deepfake video? On this Rashmika said this.

And this video is becoming very rare on the internet recently. But let us tell you that there is a lot of difference between this girl’s body and Rashmika’s body. And we all fans of Rashmika can recognize what the reality is by watching the Eid video.

The happy thing for all of you is that now the original video of this video has also been found on which this video has been made a deepfake. While terming the video as wrong, Rashmika has said that
“I feel really hurt to share this and have to talk about the deepfake video of me being spread online.

Something like this is honestly, extremely scary not only for me, but also for each one of us who today is vulnerable to so much harm because of how technology is being misused.

Today, as a woman and as an actor, I am thankful for my family, friends and well wishers who are my protection and support system. But if this happened to me when I was in school or college, I genuinely can’t imagine how I could ever tackle this.

We need to address this as a community and with urgency before more of us are affected by such identity theft. ,

Let us all agree that this video is not of our favorite Rashmika but is a wrongly made deepfake video.

Thousands of people have shared many posts on social media calling this video wrong, in which the real video has also been revealed.”

On top of this, BRS Party. Member of Legislative Council-Kamareddy & Nizamabad Kavitha Kalvakuntla also termed this false video as wrong and said that “Recent deepfake targeting Actor Rashmika Mandanna exposes the alarming ease of narrative manipulation online. Urgent action is needed to safeguard Indian women from cyber threats.

I appeal to Hon’ble President @rashtrapatibhvn, Hon’ble PM
@narendramodi , Minister of Electronics
@AshwiniVaishnaw & @Rajeev_GoI to form a dedicated Parliamentary Committee for comprehensive measures.

The time for concrete action is now, rhetorics can wait.

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