Laurita Garza Lyrics Translation In English

Laurita Garza Lyrics Translation In English

Laurita Garza Letra-Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon

Laurita Garza Lyrics :- Laurita Garza Spanish Song is sung by Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon,This Song Lyrics written by Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon, and Music is given by Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon, Laurita Garza Spanish Song was uploaded by MexTunes on its official YouTube Channel on Sep 16, 2015.

Laurita Garza Lyrics :-

Laurita Garza Lyrics In English

On the banks of the Rio Grande
In a hidden farm
Laurita killed her boyfriend
because he no longer loved her
And she with another she was going to marry
Just because she could

They found two dead bodies
At the bottom of a plot
One was that of Emilio Guerra
Estela’s fiancé
The other that of Laura Garza
The school teacher

the last time they saw each other
she sent for him
love of my soul
You can’t get married!
Didn’t you say you loved me?
that it was a matter of waiting

you can’t do this to me
What will my family think?
you can’t leave me
after i gave you my life
don’t say you don’t love me
How before if you loved me?

I just came to say goodbye
Emilio answered
I have my girlfriend requested
For you, my love is over
May it serve you experience
what happened to you this time

I didn’t know she was armed
And her death very close
From his coat pocket
I take out a short square
With it he gave six shots
Then Laurita killed herself

Written By : – Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon

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Laurita Garza Informations

SingerLos Invasores De Nuevo Leon
LyricistLos Invasores De Nuevo Leon
MusicLos Invasores De Nuevo Leon
Album15 Exitos Vol. 1
Music LableMexTunes
DateSep 16, 2015

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Read About Singer Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon

Sobre la cantante de Laurita Garza

Read About Singer Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon

Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon are a renowned norteño group from Monterrey, Mexico. Lalo Mora on lead vocals, Javier Rios on backup vocals and accordion, Homero de Leon on bass, and Eliud López on drums were the founding members of the band in 1978. They performed at venues such as cantinas, neighbourhood stages, private parties, and street fairs while standing on the back of pickup trucks.

1981 was the year they started recording for DLV Discs. In 1982, they released “Mi Casa Nueva,” which would go on to become their first regional hit and eventually earn them a gold certification in Mexico. The audience and radio stations took a like to their recordings for the label, which resulted in the band reaching number one on the charts on multiple occasions over the next decade.

In 1993, Mora departed the band to pursue a solo career, and Isaias Lucero was brought in to take his place. Playa Sola, their first album together, was certified gold upon its release. Soon after that, Lucero departed the band, and he was succeeded by Rigo Marroqun (bass), vocalist Rolando Marroqun, and Luis Perales on bass, which expanded the band to a sextet. Because of the band’s tremendous success with their album “Jardn de Amor” in the local market, EMI Latin offered them a recording contract. They made their debut on the worldwide scene with the album Ventanas al Viento, which was released in 1997. The following year, they released Vuelvo Contigo, which became their first recording to be certified platinum.

It was awarded the gold certification and topped the regional charts in Mexico. Its single, “A M Que Me Quedó,” became a hit all over Mexico, stayed on the radio charts for five months, and ended up winning the award for Song of the Year. In Mexico, it was awarded double platinum, while in the United States, it received gold.

FAQ On Laurita Garza Spanish Song

Who Is The Singer Of Laurita Garza song ?
Laurita Garza Spanish song Is Sung By Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon .

Who Is The Writter of Laurita Garza song lyrics ?
Laurita Garza lyrics Is written By Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon .

Who Direct The Music Of Laurita Garza ?
Laurita Garza music Is Directed By Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon .

On Which Date Release This Laurita Garza?
Laurita Garza lyrics Is Relesed By MexTunes On Sep 16, 2015.


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