Katrina's deepfake video goes viral after Rashmika

Katrina’s deepfake video goes viral after Rashmika

This is very sad news which is really a matter of concern. As we heard about Rashmika a few days ago, a wrong video of hers was viral in which the mouth of the girl seen in the original video was replaced with Rashmika’s mouth.

Katrina’s deepfake video goes viral after Rashmika

But today a new news has come out in which it is being told that first Rashmika and now Katrina’s deepfake video is also going viral, which is a clip of Tiger 3. In which Katrina is wearing white clothes and was shooting a hot scene.

In the original video of this viral video, Katrina Kaif is fighting with a Hollywood stuntwoman clad in a towel to survive. In the original video, Katrina is wearing a white towel but in the deepfake video, the bra is different and the bottom is different. And in the video you can see that the body parts of the woman seen in the deepfake video are completely different from Katrina’s body parts. This shows that this video is not original.

The image has been altered using AI tools, which have the ability to manipulate and replace individuals’ faces in videos and pictures, often resulting in misleading or fabricated content.

Terming this deepfake video as wrong, it says through a post that “Katrina Kaif’s towel scene from Tiger 3 gets morphed by Deepfake.

Another incident of the misuse of AI after Rashmika Mandanna.

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And another user termed it wrong and wrote, “Katrina Kaif is latest victim of deepfake tech after Rashmika Mandanna, fake pic of diva in white lingerie from ‘Tiger 3’ goes viral.

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Timesofindia also posted on this topic and wrote, “The video originally featuring British-Indian influencer Zara Patel went viral with actor Rashmika Mandanna’s face in it. Zara Patel reacted to it, saying she had no involvement in it.

Meanwhile, a deepfake picture of actress Katrina Kaif has also surfaced.”

My brothers/sisters, I request all of you not to share such content or check such content.
And my prayer is also that people should not do such criminal acts because we must respect everyone’s sisters/daughters and mothers.

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