I’M DAT N**** Lyrics-Future

I’M DAT N**** Lyrics-Future

I’M DAT N**** Lyrics is sung by Future, I’M DAT N**** song is written by Future, and I’M DAT N**** Song Music is given by Future , this song was uploaded by Future on its official YouTube Channel on Sep 21, 2022.

I’M DAT N**** Lyrics :-

I’M DAT N**** Lyrics In English

(DY Krazy) Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot (I’m that nigga, ooh)
Hot, hot, hot, hot (It’s that new Freebandz, Pluto)
Hot, hot, hot, hot (‘Luminati, know what I’m sayin’?)

Don’t play ’bout the legacy, havin’ more stripes than a referee, trappin’ a sport, huh
Go back to the basics, connect with the Zoes then we clique out in New York
I’m leavin’ the scene, I’m peepin’ the scene, the Rari got too many horses (Yeah)
Whole lotta schemin’, turn off the demons, we make it rain at the office
My first Bentley coupe, I adapted (Pluto)
Lot of commas on drummers, I’m mad rich
Forty pointers on me like a bad bitch (Skrr)
Did my numbers, my coupe it’s a gadget (Skrr)
(Woo, forty) Rippin’ that bird like a maniac (Yeah)
Young nigga askin’ “Where Xanny at?”
Slide, wet him up, handle that
I’m in the spot where the GRAMMY at
I been that nigga in hand me down (Woo)
Número uno, millenial (Trap)
Straight out the zoo ’bout to Jimmy them
They looking for strikers on hand me down (Woo)
I turn average bitches to a pop star, I’m in my glow
I had swagger, I been one of none, yeah, when I was poor (Yeah)
Cash on me, I cash out on Channel 1 and I can show it
Bashin’ me like I’m not a big dawg, I just throw it
On a scatty pack, hundred riddy-acks, I just blow it
No ballistics, ain’t suspicious (Hot, hot, Freebandz)
Fuck the witness, bad conditions (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
Grab a biscuit, don’t be a statistic (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
Came off the mission, high definition (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
A boss, my left wrist a faucet (Brr)
My ring cost, it’s pink like an ostrich (Brr)
I feel lost, this bitch got herself hostage (Brr)
I done got exhausted, runnin’ through the money (Brr)
Old hundreds (Old), I need to spend ’cause they don’t print ’em no more
BM wanna go to court ’cause I won’t fuck her no more (I won’t fuck)
You not a wifey, I can’t fall in love with no ho (I can’t)
Stopped doin’ Molly and Ecstacy, I’m right back on it (On it)
It’s cashmere, special cloth, I got diamonds on (Woo)
Bags of cash like I’m serving Fentanyl
Killers roll with me (Killers), I don’t need a bodyguard (No)
I got all kind of hoes, international (Pluto)
Saint Tropez, PJ, fly that ho (Fly)
Right wrist froze like I got a ice pack on it
Get a nigga smoked ’bout it like a bomboclaat
Drug dealers and scammers whenever on my side (On my side)
They be right there with me
Shooters right there with me
See, five hundred shots in VIP (What I’m in)
Told the waitress, “I don’t drink liquor, I drink lean,” yeah

Hot, hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
Hot (Pluto), hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Pluto)
Hot, hot, hot, hot
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Super)
Hot, hot, hot, hot
I’m that nigga

Who did you get the spill from? (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
Who done got you on Styrofoam? (Hot, hot, hot, hot, I’m that nigga)
Who the first rapper put the hood on? (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
Who got more shooters than Al Capone? (Hot, hot, hot, hot, I’m that nigga)
My dawgs in feds, talk on iPhone (Gang)
I rock baguettes ’cause I’m a rockstar (Super)
Keep one in the head just like Zona (My brother)
I’m in a foreign doin’ donuts (Skrr)
I can’t be caught around a sheep (Wolf)
You D-I-E, you fuck with me (King)
I don’t do rentals, don’t do lease (It’s my shit)
Cranked up the trap without the key (Skrr, prr, prr, prr)
Set shit on fire, I gotta heat it (Gotta heat it)
This bitch is bi, she still conceited (Still conceited, yeah)
Open your eyes when you eat it (When you eat it, bitch)
I get to spazzin’ like a demon (Demon)
Fucked her in the ass, made her pee pee (Woo)
I’m just a ghetto boy like Peezy
That GT3, it go two-sixty
I just left, she textin’ me she miss me (Pluto)

Hot, hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
Hot (Freebandz), hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Woo)
Hot (Pluto), hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Pluto)
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Yeah)
I’m that nigga
Hot, hot, hot, hot (Super)
Hot, hot, hot, hot
I’m that nigga (I’m that nigga, I’m that nigga)

Written By : – Future

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I’M DAT N**** Informations

AlbumEnglish Single Track
Music LableFuture
DateSep 21, 2022

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Who Sung I’M DAT N**** song ?
I’M DAT N**** English song Is Sung By Future .

Who WritesI’M DAT N**** song lyrics ?
I’M DAT N**** lyrics IS written By Future .

Which Company Has Ownership On this I’M DAT N**** ?
I’M DAT N**** lyrics Ownership Is Belongs To Future.


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