Have Mercy Lyrics-EST Gee

Have Mercy Lyrics-EST Gee

Have Mercy Lyrics is sung by EST Gee, Have Mercy song is written by EST Gee, and Have Mercy Song Music is given by EST Gee , this song was uploaded by EST Gee on its official YouTube Channel on Sep 22, 2022.

Have Mercy Lyrics :-

Have Mercy Lyrics In English

I had to tell her watch her mouth, she say it’s demons on me
Nah that’s my people who died before me not tryna leave me lonely
This goes to show you don’t know sumn don’t be speaking on it
Make sure that poppa’ check my posture, my yeek should be showing
Jack of all trades but now a days I work on shooting emotionally
You heard the story about the dada out of bloody ocean
We bending corners serving bodas we bought back the culture
Red said we lacking leadership and made me take it over
For sure the last man standing always get to tell the story
Before we made it to our glory the streets told it for me
A chief can never fully lead if he ain’t been no soldier
Rico you told me they was fake and not to let em closer
My heart was broken when they told me I was getting work from Nola
I felt the tention kept my distance analyzed they motion
Supposed to be family how we couldn’t get no understanding
They took yo pack then came through clapping right in front in Miami
You had me thinking I’m the reason made me get back active
You tried to crash me knowin’ I loved you like you was my daddy
I had a pure heart and you grabbed it and took it for granted
I ain’t feel sadness when they smashed you cause you heart me badly
Live in perspective, love is evil when you see it backwards
We got a code we can’t go against whatever happen
Won’t do no rattin’ even tho the opps been told what happened
He went to jail tough as hell but in there fucking asses
Then snaked his closest friend cause all that shit was seen on camera
And he was supposed to be our savior super gangsta status
Speak on me lightly they nun like me they spinning I’m trappin’
Misleading the masses like you cold and we respect yo caddy
I’m really that niggas ain’t half of me ain’t even a fracture
Won’t let it happen beat the streets can’t see me moving backwards
I stood on business for my niggas got put in them caskets
They used to say that I was triple rich and stood on mission
But if I didn’t who’s to say we’d be in this position
I did it outta love for ya’ll so I know God forgive me
You know the feeling when they lying swearing to God you guilty
Kada ain’t even fit the description from the eye of witness
He fighting a lethal injection God have mercy for my lil ones
I told him when he beat the case he gone get out the biggest
I making sure all my members get out prison richer
If I say I love you I go to heaven I’ll see heaven with you
Long live the made man and RIP Lil Dead I miss you
Long live the made man and RIP Lil Dead I miss you

Free all the made men niggas know what it is still the same thing
Yeah yeah yeah
They tryna pull me back I’m gone
I’ll beat ya’ll it was a blowout they wasn’t close they don’t wanna see it again
Know ya’ll don’t wanna see me again

Written By : – EST Gee

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Have Mercy Informations

SingerEST Gee
LyricistEST Gee
MusicEST Gee
AlbumEnglish Single Track
Music LableEST Gee
DateSep 22, 2022

FAQ On Have Mercy English Song

Who Sung Have Mercy song ?
Have Mercy English song Is Sung By EST Gee .

Who WritesHave Mercy song lyrics ?
Have Mercy lyrics IS written By EST Gee .

Which Company Has Ownership On this Have Mercy ?
Have Mercy lyrics Ownership Is Belongs To EST Gee.


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