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Content Marketing and Social Media

Content Marketing and Social Media Social media and content marketing can work really well together, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited resources. Once you’ve created a piece of content that you’d like to use for marketing and set up a functioning email list, you can use social media to look for leads.

There are four social networking websites that all business owners should be aware of. While you shouldn’t try to maintain a profile on all of them, you need to know they exist. Here is a short description of each of those websites as a refresher.


This is currently the largest social networking website in the world. It has been said to have over a billion users. In fact, some people would say that the number of Facebook users makes it the size of a country. The billion users are on the website for a variety of reasons but they’re largely social. People use Facebook as a tool for keeping in touch with friends, family, classmates, business associates and anyone else they want to connect with.

Because there are so many people using Facebook, it’s very valuable for businesses. There are about 15 million businesses using Facebook as a marketing and community building tool. One of the reasons that number is so high is because it’s free to have a Facebook account whether you’re a business or an individual. Another reason that number is so high is because being on Facebook gives you direct access to a lot of people in one central place.

Not only does Facebook have a free option for reaching your audience, it also has a paid service called Facebook Ads. This allows you to run ads on Facebook targeting a very specific demographic. You can also do it while working with any sized budget. You choose the keywords, audience and region you want to target and set the budget then run your campaign.

You pay a set amount for each person that clicks on your ad. Once your budget runs out, your ad stops running. Then you can go in and review the statistics and see how effective your ad was at getting leads.

With these two different ways to engage and interact with the Facebook community, it makes sense that about 15 million businesses would have a presence on the website.


This is one of the largest social networking websites with a focus on micro blogging. Twitter users communicate through short 140 character posts. There are about half a million users on Twitter and over four million 46 businesses on it. It’s free for a business to create a profile and start using Twitter. Many businesses use Twitter to communicate with their audience. Some of them use it to feature giveaways and share special offers while others use it as a customer service tool.

Twitter provides a lot of value to businesses because it makes it possible for them to have conversations with their audience. It also makes it possible for them to tune in to the conversations being had and gain some insight into what people really want. Some brands have found very creative ways to leverage their Twitter community and experience a lot of benefit from it.

In addition to the free profile that every business can create, Twitter has a new advertising feature. You can either promote your specific Twitter account or promote specific tweets. It works two different ways.

Promoted Account

If you want to get more Twitter followers overall, you would create a campaign to promote your account. You choose your budget and are charged only when someone follows you. Once your budget is exhausted, your campaign will stop running.

Promoted Tweets

If you want to highlight a specific tweet, you would create a campaign to promote that tweet. You choose your budget and are charged when someone interacts with your tweet in some way. This means that any time someone retweets, favorites or replies to your tweet you will be charged. Once your budget is exhausted, your tweet will stop being promoted.

Twitter is a very active community and the new advertising option makes it very valuable for businesses to reach a large audience at once. It’s even more valuable because you don’t pay until your tweet garners some kind of interaction or response.


With over 250 million users, LinkedIn is a social media community with a strong business to business audience. It’s largely used by companies as a recruiting tool and by people seeking job opportunities. The format of the profile is like an interactive resume and the groups are all centered on a type of professional development. People can only request connections from others that they have some kind of relationship with or have been referred to by someone else.

LinkedIn is the top business focused social media network. It’s free for businesses to create a page as long as there is a personal profile created by the person setting it up. There are different safeguards in place to ensure that LinkedIn remains a valuable network for the business community. LinkedIn has a focus on networking which is why users can’t randomly send requests to anyone. It also has different communities set up for individuals with similar professional interests can come together.

Those safeguards have worked pretty well so far which is why there are about three million businesses using the network. You can rest assured 48 that the people following your business are doing it because they’re interested in your company specifically.

As a business user, you can share information about your company, including the website. You can also share company updates. In fact, the best way to make your LinkedIn page valuable is to actively share updates and information on a regular basis.

As with the other social networking websites, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to purchase sponsored updates. You choose your target audience and how you’d like to pay and set your bid. Your post will be visible to that audience until your budget is exhausted then your update will stop being featured. The same goes for any ads you’d like to run. You can run ads whether you have a business account or not but if you want to establish your brand on LinkedIn, it’s best to create a company page.


It started out as an online scrapbooking website but now Pinterest is one of the largest social media communities. It has over 70 million users. Initially the audience on Pinterest was largely made up of women who would share pictures of recipes, weddings, fashion and other women oriented lifestyle images.

It has since exploded with a growing and broadening audience and businesses began to see the benefit in joining the Pinterest community. It’s 49 free for business to join Pinterest and there isn’t an official advertising feature just yet. Pinterest is experimenting with having promoted pins but there’s no definitive program currently in place.

Using Pinterest gives you access to the community of 70 million users that enjoy interacting with images and videos. You can use Pinterest’s visual focus to create an image that supports your brand.

Even though you can’t run ads on Pinterest, you can share pins that link back to your website and encourage people to make a purchase. Some businesses have experienced success with creating pin boards around a specific type of product and encouraging users to click through to purchase that product.

While these are four of the more popular social media websites, it’s not necessary for you to create a profile for your business on all of them. In fact, you should choose the one that works best for you and focus on that one. It takes time to really take advantage of any social media website even if you incorporate an advertising campaign into your use of it.

However, many business owners aren’t sure how to best benefit from the use of social media. Here’s an example of how you can use Facebook to build a community and sales leads.

Facebook for Sales Leads You

have to create a Facebook profile before you can do anything business oriented on Facebook. Once your profile is set up with a decent amount of information, you can create a Facebook Page for your business. Put your personal picture on your page and include a description with a link to your website. Now you’re ready to start using Facebook to build your business.

1. Invite your personal friends to like your Facebook page. This is why you should have an active account before you set up a page. It helps to jump start your likes with your own personal friends. By having your personal photo on the page, you increase the odds that your friends will like your page out of support for you.

2. Jazz up your page with your company logo and an interesting cover photo. Find an interesting image to represent your company. This should be your cover photo. Then change your main picture to your company logo. Use a cover photo that incorporates you and your company logo. You want to find a way to prominently feature your face so your friends will be more likely to like the page. Make these changes after you’ve sent out the initial invites and some of your friends have liked your page. By doing it this way, any updates you make will show up in your feed and theirs giving you additional exposure.

3. Start sharing posts on your page. This is a great place to start sharing curated content. Look for interesting articles, videos and pictures you can share with your new community. Keep an eye out for ways to engage them wherever possible.

4. Create an advertising campaign using Facebook Ads to get more likes to your page. Get more likes for your page by doing a small budget advertising campaign. Don’t spend more than $50 for the campaign. You shouldn’t break the bank with this campaign. You just want to get a few more followers. Plus this is a great way for you to familiarize yourself with the way Facebook Ads works.

5. Continue to engage your growing community using content. You want to keep finding ways to engage with your audience. Experiment with different forms of content and observe how your audience interacts with it. This will give you some great insight into the types of content that is most effective with your audience.

6. Create a content marketing campaign. Create a campaign where you giveaway a piece of content in exchange for emails using an email marketing service. Make sure you put the campaign on your website and look for ways to promote it.

7. Create an advertising campaign on Facebook to get more emails added to your list. Once you’ve created the campaign and featured it prominently on your website you should run an ad on Facebook. You can keep the budget modest with the idea of running it a few times while you’re doing the campaign.

8. Invite members of your growing Facebook community to join your email list. You can invite your Facebook community to join your email list and get a free download of the piece of content you’ve created.

You have now officially launched and executed a Facebook marketing campaign using content. If you keep engaging your growing audience while running short, budget friendly advertising campaigns, you will experience some measurable results. Yes you will have had to make some financial investment but it won’t be expensive and you will have an active presence on the largest social networking website in the world.

This is just an example of how you can use Facebook in conjunction with your content marketing campaign to get more sales leads. It’s fairly simplistic and if you take the time to map it out in advance, you can hand it off to a qualified assistant so you can focus on other business building activities.

It’s not hard to benefit from social media. All it takes is an understanding of the outlet you want to use and a plan to make the most of it. The plan is 53 necessary to ensure that you are getting the most benefits out of your social profile. It’s also necessary so you can use it again in the future.

The great thing about social media business profiles is that people expect a level of marketing when they join your community. As long as you balance that marketing with engagement and look for ways to provide value as often as possible, you’ll be able to really benefit from your use of social media.

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